Saturday, July 19, 2008

Very early birthday present!!!

Look what came in the mail today!

I ordered myself a set of 16" bamboo circular needles off off eBay. I think I paid $20 in total and shipping was free! The seller had beyond amazing feedback so I figured I would give them a shot. It was so worth it. The cords are thick but unaturally flexible and the joins seem fine to me. I can't wait to try them out.

I know that I've decided to knit a sweater before and nothing ever came of it...but I think I'm finally ready for the challenge. I'm going to buy the pattern for Green Gable and I have some pretty green yarn that I bought a while back when I originally had this sweater knitting idea. It's Baruffa Merino Sei and the only thing I'm concerned about is that it's DK weight, the pattern calls for worsted, and it seems that I'm a wicked tight knitter. I WILL do a gauge swatch and I will keep doing one until I get it right. I just don't want to have to buy yarn for the pattern since I have enough already.

And speaking of having enough yarn, before Emily moved back home (miss you, btw) she purged herself of a ton of yarn. It found a new home in my place and is anxiously awaiting to be used for a project. She gave me bundles of Cascade and I was originally going to make myself a granny square blanket since the last one I made is currently residing with my ex. Well, I started it but I'm not feeling it so I will hop on the bandwagon and do a ripple afghan! I kinda can't wait.

I think my knitting mojo is back. Let's just hope that I don't start too many projects and that I finish a couple. :)

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