Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The inauguration...

I got to watch it at work today. I fully planned on streaming it at my desk, just ignoring my work for an hour and a half, whether my bosses were ok with it or not but work did not fail me! We received an e-mail from facilities telling us they were going to be watching the inauguration in a couple different places so I told my boss that I was gonna go watch.

I barely have words for it all. I chuckled when Obama stumbled over the oath but ABC news said the guy giving the oath switched words around a little, hence the confusion. Who knows if that's true...I don't really feel like looking up the words of the oath. I was also so completely engulfed by Obama's speech and as terrible as some of you might think this is to say, I thought to myself that the way I felt was probably how all the German's felt when Hitler would speak. He would captivate people and that's how I felt today. I'm in no way saying Obama is like Hitler in any way other than his speech giving abilities, but it was truly mesmerizing.

Overall everything was wonderful, poem excluded, but something that's really bothering me is all the parties and money that is going into all the parties/balls tonight. Obama is going to be attending 10 inauguration parties. 10! Considering his whole campaign was about our economic crisis and the change that is needed to turn our country around, don't you think they could have cancelled a couple parties? I mean, I'm sure he personally didn't plan them but he could have been like "Hey guys, that's nice of you to want to celebrate but maybe we should lessen the number of events..." Put that money to better use. These things are no small house parties either. They are large and extravagant and I personally would have liked to see less of them. There's no need for them.

Hopes are high for this presidency and it would be such a blow to everyone, not just the American people, if Obama failed to deliver. There's a lot he promises to change and let's be real, can it all be accomplished in 4 small years? Time will tell...

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Octopus Knits said...

Yeah, I hope our government delivers on a bunch of fronts - they have a great opportunity to make big changes, let's hope they don't think too small.

P.S. Roller Derby, Wow!!