Thursday, January 17, 2008

If you wanna find all the cops, they're hanging out in the donut shop!

Saturday is Ben's birthday party!!! I can't wait! My nephew is arguably the cutest 1 year old around.Tonight I'm test baking some recipes that my Jews from Ravelry pointed me in the direction of. Ben has a dairy allergy so my sister entrusted me to make a non-dairy (parve) cake for him. I was all set to make my famous chocolate cake and use rice milk (since babies shouldn't have soy) to make it parve but then my sister said Ben can't have chocolate until he's 2. I don't know if that's just a precaution because of his allergies or babies just shouldn't have chocolate too early in life. Anyone?

So I'm making Dump Cake. You literally just take the ingredients and dump them into a 9x13 ungreased pan. How awesome is that? No fuss baking at it's best. I'm hoping it will come out good and I will most likely make Greg (roomie) take the cake to the Tattoo Shop tomorrow to have everyone there test it. It's completely parve and looks really yummy. I left out the coconut for this one--I don't really enjoy coconut all the time and I didn't know if I would like the recipe, so why buy a whole bag of coconut if I wouldn't use it again? You know? I'm also going to try a Pumpkin Patch cake. That's on the agenda for tomorrow. Which ever I like better and my sister thinks would be a hit, will be the winner. I'm still going to make my chocolate cake, but Ben won't have any. I will still make is parve, I think. I am also going to be making oatmeal raisin bars. Can you tell I love to bake? And Greg bought me an awesome timer so I can "set it and forget it"!

On the knitting front--I'm still working on Justin's scarf but I'm trucking along and I end up doing 5 repeats a night--when I work on it. And that's been often so it'll be done in no time. I was thinking for going to see his Sunday/Monday since it's MLK Jr. Day and I have off from work but I didn't mention it to him to see if he was free or even has off of work himself. I should probably do that, huh? But either way, the scarf won't be done by then and if it is, it won't be blocked by then and it NEEDS a good blocking. It's curling! But if I go, and it's done, I'll block it at his apartment. Why not? After the scarf is done I'm going to cast on Crusoe or Linea.

Crochet--I'm making a yoga mat bag that I was hoping to get done by tomorrow but I can left some of my crappy acrylic at my old apartment so I didn't work on it for a few days. Tomorrow is my class and I'm excited--except that it's during lunch. Ola and I are taking it together and we will be fit and zen. After the bag is done, I think I think I will cast on for a Newsboy cap I found on Ravelry. But first I think I will PM some chick that modded the pattern and made it look eleventy-billion times nicer to see what she did. Scratch that--just read her pattern notes. She just didn't make the brim as wide as the pattern wanted it to be. I can figure that out on my own. If not, then I will harass her.

Ahh! The cake is smelling so yummy. Gotta go.

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