Sunday, July 13, 2008

My day. Part II

So I forgot to mention the start to my day! I woke up at a decent hour for once on a Sunday (even though I went to bed uber late last night) and I made some banana muffins since my bananas almost kicked the bucket. I found a really simple recipe online this morning and got to work first thing. They came out great! Wanna see?

I have 1 banana left over but I think he'll be dead tomorrow. :( I should have made another batch but Stop and Shop didn't have anything ripe enough. But see how two muffins are missing? I ate 1 and a half of em. Greg ate the other and the rest of the small batch is coming with me to work so I can give some to Ola and the people in her department. Anyway, the recipe was perfect and the muffins were so moist that they ended up sticking just slightly to my silicone baking cups but not so bad that they didn't pop out without any fuss. I will definitely use this recipe again and the woman who posted it has some modifications to it that I might try as well. I love pumpkin baked goods so we'll see what I try next. I have some Gala apples that I need to do something with before they go bad....maybe an apple crisp is in order? Talk about another SUPER easy dessert.

And to end my wonderful day, I went kayaking with Greg. I have to admit, I didn't think I would make it as far as I did and I was really scared that I would capsize...the water was pretty choppy but I held my own and Greg pointed out what I was doing wrong and what might help me so I think I'll go out with him again. I have a feeling I will be really sore tomorrow though. We went to the lighthouse closest to us and that was a 1/2 mile away so I did a mile kayaking today and the last time I kayaked (not to mention worked out) was in the Bahamas with Noddie (tandem) and then before that, in 2005 in California, also tandem. All in all, I'm VERY proud of myself and I think it was a nice end to the day.

Oh yeah, and I ended up getting a manicure too. I couldn't pass it up, it was cheap and the lady who did my nails was nice enough to put up with me blogging while she touched my gross feet. haha I did a light color on my nails though...I might go dark next time I get a manicure.

Good night!

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