Sunday, July 13, 2008

My day.

Right now I'm getting a much needed pedicure. Thank god. And this past week has been so crazy with work, I deserve this pamper session. I'm trying a new place in Stratford that a girl my brother works with goes to...maybe I'll stick with this place. It's pretty in here and they are open pretty late given that today is Sunday.

I also went to a new ice cream shoppe in my neighborhood. Helados Vasquez. Their sorbet is outta this world! I've been waiting for them to open since I moved in with Greg in December and now that they are and I've been there once, I will keep going back. I got the mango sorbet that the owner just finished making, but I was also given samples (without even asking for them) of their pink grapefruit sorbet and their pineapple sorbet. Sooo good!

The grapefruit one was a little strong for me but I can still recognize that it was beyond delicious. Greg ended up getting cappuccino gelato and was given a sample of the tiramisu one. The shoppe itself was beautiful and the owners had an album out of what the place looked like before--what a huge difference! The amount of trash that was in the store before was disgusting. To say that it could have probably reached my waist might be an exaggeration, but just barely. I took some pictures while there but I will add them later. I dunno how to add a picture to an already started email. I'll have to look into that.

Okay, I'm off to really enjoy my pedicure.

ETA pictures.

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