Saturday, July 12, 2008


I'm blogging from my new iPhone 3g! Can you believe it? Joey and I
went to the AT&T store yesterday morning before work just in time to
get the 8gb one. There were 16gb available but I was cool with just
the 8. I've been messing around with the damn phone all day and love
it! It was so worth the money. I ended up being two hours late for
work but since my boss loves me, it was a non-issue. Yay!

In other news, I haven't knit in two weeks. Nothing is calling to me
except blankets and it's been too hot to even think about knitting or
crocheting one. I need some inspiration, people! Maybe I'll start on
the Luna Lace scarf from Gale's book. I have zephyr or some tess lace
that I could use and I've been dying to due a lace shawl since forever.

Okay, off I go to continue chilling with Joe and Ola and play with my

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Anonymous said...

so jealous! i want one! bring it to snb so i can play with it.