Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Wow, sorry...

It's been too long since I've updated. Seems I just can't get into the groove...whatever. I'll keep trying.

At the beginning of August, I went to Philadelphia with my friend Justin. We went to see a Jack Johnson concert that was in Camden, New Jersey and decided to make a long weekend out of the trip. We had a freakin' blast! The concert was on the 7th so I went into NY on Wednesday after work and we started our mini road trip on Thursday afternoon. Philadelphia is beautiful! There is so much that I know we didn't see and I feel like I really need to go back. There is so much history there and we really only checked out the major sites. And a yarn store. :) I got a ton of really good suggestions on places to eat and see from the City of Knitterly Love group on Ravelry and without them, our trip would have been crappy, most likely. haha

Jack Johnson put on such a great show and the band that opened for him, Rouge Wave was pretty darn good too. I need to download some of their stuff.

We also checked out Ben Franklin's grave. People threw money on it. I don't really know why. but I didn't like it. Especially since they threw pennies on it. Dude, Frankling isn't even on the penny! The graveyard was really old and to be honest, I felt a little uneasy being in it. It was strange. What else....? We saw the extremely small Liberty Bell, Love Park (which was awesome BTW, but the LOVE sculpture is also miniscule), the Eastern State Penitentiary, Mutter Museum (so awesome--a little gross)...Oh! We saw some demonstration of martial arts on the 8th in China Town as a way to commemorate the starting of the Olympics. It was pretty cool. I also had my first Bubble Tea ever that day. It was good. I had a green tea one. Does anyone know where I can get bubble tea around here? I need some....RIGHT NOW.

If you're ever in Philly, check out Mugshots CoffeHouse & Cafe. It's across the street from the Penitentiary and they are all about buying local produce and fair trade coffee and such. They are independant and you should support them. I got the Jailhouse Rock sandwich which is organic peanut butter with sliced bananas and local honey. OMG, I was in heaven for a little. It was soooo good. On multi grain bread. I want to go back just for that sammich. I also got a smoothie that was to die for as well. But anyway, the place is really cute and small and their food is punny. They have sammiches called The Capone, The Slammer, Bonnie & Clyde, The Scapegoat, Philly Five-O and more. 100% of their electricity is supplied by wind power. They really are awesome. They are also the founding member of Independents Coffee Cooperative.

Also, check out Bike Lane, on Arch between 9th and 10th. The guys there were really helpful and we were able to rent bikes for 25 bucks a day. Apparently that's the cheapest around as some places charge 10 bucks an hour! We found the place around 10 am on Friday, I would say, and went back around 1 by the time we dropped the car off at the hotel and figured out the public transportation system to get back to China Town to rent the bikes. We kept them until Saturday around 5 pm when the shop closed. All for 25 bucks! Seriously, best deal ever. We even got helmets and bike locks. We biked our little asses all over Philly. Literally. It was such a great workout and I really want to buy a bike now. I wish we got a picture on the bikes. Next time, I guess.

On Friday we ate at a Burmese restaurant. I wish I could remember the name or where it was but it was amazing. The thousand layer bread, I don't have words for. It's almost like naan but I don't even know. So good!

And yes, Justin does look evil in this picture but he was just really excited to try the chicken dish he ordered. I had an eggplant dish. It was sooooo good. I need to eat Burmese food again. Oh! And they had this mango juice drink thing that was amazing. I should have posted RIGHT after we went so I would know what everything was called. SOOOOO GOOD!

Justin ran up the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art ala Rocky Balboa while I video taped it. I know, we're nerds. The view from the top of the steps is beautiful. Really, I need to go back. We didn't even go into the museum because it was Saturday and we were leaving that day and such. It was a jam packed day. We also checked out the Reading Terminal Market. That place was packed. It was like one of the State Houses at the Big E but crazier. And bigger.

We really had such a great time. I can't wait to finally be able to scrapbook the weekend.

What else happened since the Olympics....?

The same weekend we came back from Philly, my cousin had a party for his birthday. Matias, his mother and I were all born on the same day and since his mom and sister came to visit from Argentina, they decided to have a small shindig. It was so nice to meet some more of my family. I meant to take pictures but I only got one of Matias looking like a little kid in his birthday hat.

Isn't he handsome? He's married so buzz off. :) haha

The weekend of the 16th I had a housewarming party for a co-worker. It was a fun day of swimming and eating. And a homemade slip n slide that should be illegal. haha It was great. I wish I took pictures.

The 23rd was the End of Summer Luau at my girl, Noddie's house. Her parties are always filled with good people and good food. She never disappoints me. I'm pissed that I couldn't go to the Cape with her this summer. Oh well, next year.

I worked on my but that weekend I had a little bash in Fairfield and so many people came! I was so surprised and I had an amazing time. Everyone mingled with each other at least a little bit since no one really knew one another and it was awesome.

Thanks again to everyone who made the trip down to celebrate with me. Next year will be better and I plan on having my bash in a more centrally located spot.

My weekends in September were filled with spending time with Noddie & Co. And this weekend is game night up in her next of the woods. I can't wait! She and I are gonna WRECK people in Taboo. Watch out!

So today is Rosh Hashana and I took it off of work. Shana Tova to all my Yids! I took yesterday off as well since it was the First day of the New Year. I didn't really do much, it was a nice chill day...I hung out with Ani helping her plan her Living Green House Party. More on that after this weekend. Today I went for a walk down to St. Mary's. I didn't quite make it. I stopped a little before and sat on a bench near where all the boats are docked. It was so nice out. Unseasonably warm and worth the little 5 minute walk in so many ways. I needed to get out of the house. I took my knitting with me and met two older ladies who came to sit with me to see what I was making. I was working on a hat for a friend of mine and I finished it a few hours ago when I came home because I realized I forgot to bring my DPNs with me to the water...I'm an idiot.

I also did a little walking tour of the water and my neighborhood for my boy, Henk, who lives across the way in Holland. I wanted to show him the huge house and stuff right on the water. He loved it and I expect some videos of his neighborhood in the near future. I can't wait, really. I've never really thought of visiting Holland since I don't know much about it, but who knows...if he shows me some nice spots, I just might look into flying on over. I would make he and his girlfriend be my tour guides of course. haha His English is impecable, for the record. Mostly from watching movies. Amazing.

Alrighty, so this is definitely the longest post of my life and I will end it here. I'll leave you with a picture of Ola, my fave cousin Dario and myself at my Big Birthday Bash.


Bob Libkind said...

Glad you enjoyed your trip to Philadelphia (and my neighborhood: I live behind the Penitentiary).

That Burmese restaurant is Rangoon. Great choice. Very few Burmese restaurants around. And the thousand layer bread is in-cred-able.

Baby Beth said...

Yes! Rangoon, that's it! Thanks Bob...and I'm curious. How did you happen on my blog? I've never had an outside reader before--no my knowledge. :)