Sunday, August 24, 2008

Acceptance Speech

I medaled all 5 times in the Bag-n-tote Backstroke. Wow.

What can I say? I thank God everyday for giving me the gift of knit and crochet. Thanks to my team, Team New Haven, for all their support and enabling. Thanks to Justin for going to a yarn store with me, listening to me get excited about the Ravelympics, and ignoring him for most of the ride home from Philly due to the competition. Thanks to Greg too for putting up with me in general regarding the fiber arts and leaving yarn and hooks all over the house. Wow. I can't believe I did it. I didn't train because I was nervous I would develop an injury and I thought I did after the finishing of the third bag, the Elisa Nest Tote, but I remembered my team and all their hard work and I pulled through. I wasn't about to let them down. I had some really late nights and early mornings but it was definitely worth it. I finished just under the wire--with an hour and 15 minutes left. Crazy. Special thanks to my team captain, Captain Suzy for her words of encouragement, her fave-ing Ravelympic items and enabling me to buy some hemp yarn. You rock. My main incentive, besides helping my team, was the prize of buying myself stitch markers for finishing. I told myself if I was able to medal 5 times, my goal, I would buy myself some beautiful stitch markers off of Etsy. I think I broke 2 during the events so I deserve them and desperately need a new set. So yeah, wow, thanks everyone! See you for the London 2012 games! GO TEAM NEW HAVEN!



CinderOla said...

Yay! Congrats!! :)

gale (she shoots sheep shots) said...

Your hard training & sacrifice=my favorite grocery bag! You deserve those stitch markers, congratulations.

Ani said...

hahahaaa.. you nerd....
taht was hilarious :-)
but congrats, i knew you'd do it!