Sunday, November 09, 2008

Super secret woolen projects.

I've started one today and I can say is that it's in a really beautiful copper color of Mountain Colors' Mountain Goat yarn that will compliment the skin tone of the recipient. I'm giving myself a deadline of two weeks for this project but I'm hoping to finish it sooner. I'm going to be working on it every day at lunch no matter what. That's my goal...I'm gonna make it. I did the Ravelympics after all!

The second only semi-secret woolen project I'm starting soon is a hat (sorry, Rav-link) for Henk's girlfriend, Karen. Crazy Karen asked that whatever Henk was getting her be white so...I'm forced to do it in no color whatsoever. :( I tried convincing him otherwise but she would not be swayed. She has more than one winter coat and they are all in neutral colors so I wanted to do something colorful and beautiful like she is--she's got a great complexion and has awesome curly hair. Again, nope. She put the kaibosh on that one. But the hat will be great and will be loved and worn well. For payment, Henk needs to send me something awesomely Dutch, as they live in The Netherlands. I need to look into how long it'll take to ship something to him (since my postcard took two weeks) so I can be sure to have it done, mailed and received before Christmas.

Now I need some help. I have a lot of yarn that I need to do things with. I have oodles of Cascade 220 from Emily. They are mostly dark colors but she gave me a really pretty dark purple one (I think it's color 9345 in the Heathers) that is telling me to knit a hat with it. Here is where the help comes in. I'm trying to find a nice top down hat patterns that isn't too plain. Any suggestions? I've knit Foliage twice and I love the pattern. It's super easy to knit and to memorize, but will that color look good in that pattern? I have trouble visualizing things.

I will also be going through my stash over the course of the week and will be destashing. I know right now that I will be selling/trading my cone of Zephyr (sorry for the blurry stash pic). I've tried knitting with it a couple times and I couldn't get used to the yarn being so thin and light. No ultra-thin shawls for me. Oh well. I really need to organize everything and put all my needles and hooks in one place with my yarn. I have goals I want to meet before the holiday season and for next year with regards to my knitting. I did not meet the goals I set for this year but it's okay.

Oh, and speaking of hooks, I lost my favorite H hook at Jury Duty on Friday. *sigh* I'm mad. I was making such good progress on the Starphgan! I think I only have two hanks of the Argentinian lana left!!!! But I was thinking while crocheting on Friday...when I wash it, where the hell am I gonna dry it? It's gonna be large, in the shape of a five pointed star and November (I hope to finish it before the end of the month, in between my other projects, since it crochets quickly). I really don't know what I'm going to do. I could use my mom's line in her basement to line dry it but then it'll smell like cigarette smoke and kinda defeat part of the purpose of washing it. Such dilemmas!

Sorry this post is picture-less. Next one, I promise!

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Anonymous said...

awesome! I love the hat! Maybe I should make myself one... hmmm...

And I can't wait to see the super secret woolen project!!! :)