Tuesday, November 11, 2008


So when working up my super secret coppery woolen project, I started out using size 9 needles. I thought that I didn't like the drape of the knitted article (this is tough to talk about without giving away what I'm knitting) and wanted to switch to size 7's. Normally I'm a SUPER tight knitter so I figured the larger needles would just be smarted but my gauge is totally off with this one....or so I thought! I got out my size 7's, ripped out the project on the 9's, starting knitting on what I thought were the 7's and then realized when getting ready for bed that I started knitting again on the 9's like an idiot! Funny thing is, my gauge is different than it was when I first started knitting it. It's a little tighter and I like the fabric it's creating so much more now! So I'm sticking with the 9's. Once I get pictures taken (hopefully today?) you can check it out. For the time being, it's picture-free on my Rav projects page--Dropping Copper. I would link you all, but the link name says what the pattern is. I can't be sure the recipient reads my blog or would even think it's for them, but you can never be too careful. :D

Another whoops to speak of...When I did my Crazy Cooking Class, Justin linked me on his website and generated some traffic for me. He got a kick out of the fact that I'm teaching myself to cook and always encourages me. He taught me how to make egg salad. Is it sad that I needed to be taught how to boil eggs properly? I feel so silly. So my whoops is that I should have linked back to Justin. It's just the right thing to do. So go check him out at aarvmag.com and tell your friends! He's very witty and he has some good writers on the magazine as well. Def read the article about IKEA. I think that's my favorite.

I think that's all the "whoops" I have for today...It's lunch time and I have some knitting to do.

I might just cook tonight....

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