Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Clean bill of health...?

I think so!!

I had my final Dr's appointment with regards to the girls...for now. I had another quick ultrasound today (totaling 3) and I was groped again. I've lost count with that one. Now I just have to sit and wait until February, get another ultrasound done on the tatas and have a follow up appointment with the Breast Surgeon. I'm an emotional reck, of course, but everything looks good. The tumors/growths (yep, 1 in each boob-not only do I like things to be symetrical, so does my body apparently) are small; or what they consider small--to me they feel massive and intrusive. Right. So now I just wait it out, reduce my caffeine intake (this includes chocolate........are they nuts!?), keep feeling myself up and hope for the best. Wahoo! I think I might buy myself something for the trouble and emotional tumult I've been going through. Of course I make myself crazy over these things but how could I not?

Interestingly enough, the breast surgeon said that me not having a medical history on my mom's side isn't really as big an issue as people make it out to be. She said that most people who end getting breast cancer have no history of it at all in their family. I mean, that doesn't help me much since I don't think there's any breast cancer on my dad's side either but she was trying to ease my worrying. Good luck with that! I'm a constant worrier.

Oh well, I'm okay and I feel a lot better about everything, finally even though the Dr's still don't have any conclusive answers for me just yet. We'll see come February. Until then....KNITTING!

I keep meaning to take pictures of my Super Secret Woolen Project (SSWP) but I'm a mess and forget. It's coming along great. I'm definitely going to finish within my 2 week deadline, which was originally 1 week and then I realized that I'm a crazy person and couldn't finish it in such a short amount of time. Now I need a place to block it. The drape right now is AMAZING and I love the SSWP. I hope the recipient does too. But either way, I don't have any place at home where I can block. I can use my bed but I'm on it most of the time so that's not really feasible. Also, Greg's cats would be all over the SSWP if I block it anywhere else I think. I could use the attic but where do I find blocking boards or something else I can use to put the SSWP on? I can't really just lay it out on the floor of the attic, you know? And another question: how should I block it? Should I spray it down, soak it, steam it (I wouldn't even know how to steam it and I have nothing to steam it with), what? I don't need a really heavy blocking, I don't think. I just need to stretch it out lengthwise. And BOY does it stretch. It's awesome! This project could almost be a no-block project and if it was going to stay with me, I wouldn't bother. Decisions, decisions.

Okay, I'm off to knit a little more while it's still lunch time. I got a lot of knitting done waiting for the Dr today. Appt at 10, didn't get into the room until 10:30/45, didn't see the Dr until around 11. Ugh...at least I wasn't at work. :D

ETA: Here is the slighly stretched SSWP. Below it, is it unstretched. People at work must think I'm a weirdo...oh, and the color in person is a MUCH deeper copper color. It's beautiful.

E(again)TA: Where the hell did my pictures go? Here are two news one I took. The first one has the flash and you can see the slight change in color in the yarn. I love it. My jeans are in the pic as well to add some contrast and in hopes of keeping the copper color true.

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anousheeg said...

I still think you could prolly get away with not blocking....