Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Crazy Cooking Classes II

Two posts in one day. Woot! Don't expect this all the time.

I cooked dinner again! I actually cooked dinner one day last week too. I'm slightly on a role with cooking once a week. I think I missed a week or two after I decided I wanted to try my hand at this cooking thing. Okay, recipe time.

Again, I asked people for suggestions on what to cook for dinner. And by people, I mean Galen since no one else was online while I was at work and we were already conversing. His suggestion this time: Sloppy Joe's! Amazing idea. I couldn't tell you the last time I had Sloppy Joe's. I was probably 10 or something. Just so happens that Galen also had a special recipe for his Sloppy Joe's. He cannot take credit for it, nor did he. It's his Gramma's recipe and it's genius! Here is what you need:

1 lb beef (I used a 12oz package of MorningStar Farm's Crumbles)
1 can Campbell's Alphabet Soup (now under the name Vegetarian Vegetable)

Yup. That's it. Nothing else!

Now make sure you take copious notes here. Here's what you do.

Cook the meat. In my case, I just needed to throw the crumbles into a pan and wait until they got hot. This was a lot quicker than I realized it would have been and I did not take cooking time into account when I got started. I didn't bother to have my cooking coincide with the arrival of Greg. Not that it matters, it's 8:26 and he still isn't home. Doesn't he realize that tonight is House night?! Thank god we DVR it. Back to the recipe.

Cook the meat, drain any fat...obligatory blurry picture to follow:

Once you have cooked your crumbles or meat, add the soup. No water, no nothing. JUST THE SOUP. Mix it up. Oh yeah, I added some salt and pepper to the crumbles. You can do the same if you want. I would suggest other spices but trust me, you won't need them. Did you add the soup yet?

Lookin' good! Here comes the hardest part in preparing these Sloppy Joe's which I will now call Sloppy Galen's: Add some ketchup and mustard. I, of course, forgot to take a picture of this. I have to forget a picture of at least one step every time I cook...whatever. Sue me. How much ketchup and mustard? I don't really now. I made a swirly design with both like I was a Starbucks barrista topping a macchiato off with caramel. I then mixed it, and tested. HEAVEN. You're dinner is done. Side dishes? What are side dishes? Oh, and I had some left over burrito wraps from dinner last week so I used those instead of hamburger buns.

Check out that nice manicure I got!

You can use either...or neither. The Sloppy Galen's were just as good being eaten straight from the pan. Do what you want. I didn't even sit to eat. I was gonna wait for Greg to come home but I was starving and I'm just not that considerate, I guess. Again, good thing I didn't wait...I'm about to watch House without him. Yeah, I said it.

See how clean my plate is? I was ALMOST able to keep it that clean. Then disaster struck:

No crumbles were wasted in the eating of the Sloppy Galen's.

Seriously, amazingly simple and tasty. What ridiculously simple recipes do you guys have? I need more like this one. The lasagna was a lot to tackle last time, the burritos I made were simpler and this meal just takes the cake. Give me simple people!

I'll write about my burritos another night. I also made soup a day or two after I made the lasagna. I did chronicle that and need to write up my review. I did NOT chronicle the burritos but the pictures would be just as boring as the ones in this post. Nothing fancy, just colorful. House time!


Anonymous said...

That's so cool! Awesome fun! Simple IS key to the success of learning to cook!

And I am glad to hear your clean bill of health :)

Galen said...