Wednesday, January 14, 2009

2 down!

Practices, that is. Phew. My first derby practice was Thursday and I figured it would be pretty low energy since we're all new. We went over all the league stuff, dues, insurance requirements, attendance, etc. Then we skated a little bit. It was good. I was a little sore on Friday but nothing too bad, thankfully. Last night was my second practice and I thought I was gonna die throughout most of it. My endurance is in the crapper!! How do you fix that? OMG, we were doing suicides in skates but instead of just reaching your point, turning and skating back, we needed to reach the end, FALL, skate back, fall, skate to the next point, get the point. I finished but it was tough, I'm not gonna lie. I did get a "good job" and "nice fall" on one of the falls I did. It might have been a baseball slide (we'll say it was done on purpose...) but I was so out of it at that point, who knows. It was freakin' awesome. It felt good to get through that drill but I'm not looking forward to doing more of those. haha

What else did we do? Oh! We skated in a pack! That was a nice surprise last night...I didn't think they would have us skate with the girls yet. It was awesome. Whoever was skating in back needed to get to the front, so there was constant movement. Then at one point the Noobs were told to try and not let the other girls and refs pass them. Somewhere in all the hustle I fell on my ass I kinda just laughed for a second and then was like "FUCK, I gotta get up!" so I did, raced up to the rest of the pack, and started to work my way to the front again. I gotta tell you, it was so freakin' fun! Fall and all!! What was NOT fun was an exercise we did at the beginning of the regular practice (the noobies were there an hour early to get in some extra time). So you stand on your toe stops, which I'm having a lot of trouble with, and you do squats. 3 positions. 1=neutral, just standing on the stops, knees bent. 2=squat 3=deep squat Squats are tough alone, but throw in needing to keep your balance when your feet aren't planted on the floor, and holding, killer. I was shaking so bad--must work on those. Ugh, I have so much I need to work on. I feel like I'm never going to advance...and I know that's silly to say seeing as I've only had 2 practices but it is what it is. I was able to do T stops last night, though. I didn't even think about it, just did it. That's a problem of mine, and I know it. I think about things too much but then I wasn't thinking towards the end of practice and I didn't stop at all. I just went right into the wall. Not like, face into the wall, but my skates hit the wall and I stopped that way. That's no good! *sigh*

We learned a bunch more last night but let's discuss knitting for a fraction of a second here. I made a scarf to match my Foliage last year, kind of blocked it (I lack blocking space and know-how), and almost never wear it. I don't like it. I hate that it curls in on itself. Now the search is on for a new scarf to match my hat. I think the Faux-liage scarf will be frogged and reinvented. Perhaps My So Called Scarf? But it seems a little involved with purling back into a p2tog and such. I'll forget and lose track. I could always just do another Drop Stitch Scarf. BTW, that scarf was for my sister and I don't know if she reads my blog or not. But apparently the yarn is a little itchy for her. It's mohair awesomeness!...with some wool. I'm sad that she doesn't love the scarf itself but she does love the color. That's something, right? Maybe a cowl? I'm a little overwhelmed right now. My goal is to knock out a bunch of smaller projects so that I get my stash down in order to buy yarn for a sweater. I really want to knit a sweater. It's about time...and I should just jump in and do it. If it comes out horrible, I can always frog it and stick to hats, right?

Lunch is almost over, adios.

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Did you think of a Derby name yet?