Monday, January 05, 2009

I love quickies!

...and here's a quickie post about a super quickie project. And I have pictures of it! I actually need some help--hence the post when I should be sleeping.

I'm still on my hat kick and Justin deserved another hand knit from me since I love him and he puts up with my swooning all over the place. haha <3

Since I enjoyed knitting Thorpe a week or so ago and an earflap hat was requested, I decided to cast on another one yesterday evening. I'm using Wool-Ease (so hand washing is not needed) in a bright blue and a milk chocolate-like brown held together that looks marbled when knit. I love the effect, and Justin claims to.

My problem lies at the beginning of my rounds where I did the garter stitch border. The edge is a little jagged and I tried to pull the yarn a little tighter at the beginning but I guess I didn't do a very good job. I'll show you a picture of what I mean:

See where my hair is? Now follow right up to the border. Can you see the loose stitches there? It's killing me! Help me fix it. I don't want Justin wearing the hat with it like that. Now I will show you the other side where I will need to attach yarn to finish the second earflap. Notice the pretty stitches, all even like (sort of):

Sorry for the creepy pictures. That's what happens when using your iPhone and a mirror to snap pics of yourself. Man, I look tired. But anyway, yeah...what should I do? Maybe blocking would help? I might want to block it to stretch the top out but I'm wearing Marbled (what I named the hat) right now and my dome stretched it out just fine.

I leave you all with this pic I e-mailed to show the progress I made earlier in the evening:

Yeah, I realize I look like a crazy person. I'm okay with that. Notice my Ravelry sweatshirt? Nerd alert!


Ani said...

you DO look like a crazy person...

also... wool-ease is made in turkey.
Turks suck. (in my humble opinion)
just thought I'd share :-P

I do like the colors though, I like the marbled pattern. word.

I listen to your swooning too... wheres my hat!?

Sunflowerfairy said...

Beth, that "pulling" is part of knitting in the round. It actually looks like you might have pulled too tight, but there will always be a jog there. Perhaps with practice it won't be so pronounce? I don't know. I wish that I could see it in person, it might help me to help you.


Great colors.

(and how come Ani doesn't have a hat?? Make the girl one, already. Practice!)