Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It's time for a change.

If you've been following my blog at all, or know me IRL (haha I never use that acronym), you know that I've slowly been "going green," as they say. This green path has led me to using hand towels instead of paper towels or napkins, making my own powdered laundry detergent and a really amazing body scrub. I'm also recycling more and bringing reusable bags to the grocery store or just say that no bag is needed because there is usually a large purse on my shoulder. Once I figure out what's the closest farmer's market to me, I will be hitting that up on weekends to get my produce and other locally sourced items. I don't use any harsh chemicals to clean my house either and just deal with Matthew John thinking I'm crazy. It is strange that I feel better about myself now that I've such a positive change in my life? I walked aimlessly around my town the weekend before last with a friend. I've never done that before in my life--there has always been a destination in mind. And while I kind of pushed for a destination, we never REALLY had one except when we went to scope out the local Thrift Store. It was nice.

In keeping with the positive theme going on in my life right now, I need to start thinking about a real life change. A new career, of sorts. Tonight at SnB Karen, Gale, Mike (Irish Ann's husband who does not knit but hangs out with us--WE MISS YOU, ANN!!!!) and I were discussing how I need a career change. I sit in a cubicle for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. It's a boring job and one that a monkey with swine flu could do with his eyes closed while eating a banana. No lie. Yes, there are tough days where I want to pull my hair out but it's mostly because of the people I work with. I read blogs all day, for the most part. Last week, I read the blue blog starting from January 2009 and was caught up in no time. How bad is that? I've done that with a couple famous blogs. When I'm not reading blogs, I'm catching up on the CTRG board with practice, merch and PR info. I probably work a solid 3-4 hours a day. I know, I know....some of you are thinking, "You should be grateful you have a job!" I am. Believe me, I am. But being grateful I have a job does not mean I have to like it. ::sigh::

Among the ideas for jobs were: Lead in a Broadway musical (my absolute dream job provided I would sing in public), some sort of transcriber (transcriptionist?), a sheep shearer--Gale, send me that info, and an organic farmer. What else is there? The only thing in life I really get joy out of doing in reading and crafting. Frankly, I can't make a living out of either. The organic farming is something I have seriously considered before. The love of a huge chunk of my life, Ahron, has WWOOFed before and I was beyond jealous and wanted to do it as well. The reason I didn't do it: money. While the lovely Ahron has his parents to fall back on for financial support, I'm not as fortunate. I would love to take a month or two off from the "real world" but what do I when I get back? I have bills that need to be paid and I will basically working for my food during the WWOOFing time. There are WWOOFing opportunities all over the globe and traveling is something that I want very much to do. I feel like I'm at a crossroads and need to make a serious decision for once in my life...


Marla said...

Saturdays 9 am – 1 pm
Wednesday, 3 pm – 6 pm
June 17 - November 7
Farmers Market Pavilion
Corner of Cornell & Canal

I have been to this one in the past. Beardsley Organic Farm has really great produce and they are super nice. Their Wine Berries are awesome.

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