Monday, May 04, 2009

Let me start by saying thank you to everyone for their kind words regarding my search for a new job. Your tweets, e-mails and IMs meant a lot to me. I'll figure it all out soon, I'm sure. There's always the option of taking a week of from work to farm somewhere in the US as a way to get started and see if it's something I will eventually want to commit to.

I wish I had pictures for this post but I don't since I'm at work and my camera is still MIA. Wait, I have the most important one already on Flickr!

Knitting has been a little slow lately but I'm trucking along nicely on the
Garter Stitch Swingy Sweater. I'll be able to bind the body off soon and get started on the sleeves. The sleeve situation is scaring me a little but it'll just have to be done 1 stitch at a time and with confidence. I will love this sweater no matter what and if the sleeves end up being wonky because of the picked up stitches and decreases, it'll be worn around the house in all it's angora/wool glory.

Springy Sweater

What do you think so far? Gale said that it looks cute the way the sleeves are currently and I have to agree. Sorry for the color in the photo, it's obviously taken with Igor 2.0 (my new iPhone) and the lighting in my bedroom is terrible. I'm hoping to remedy that in the near future. The sweater is definitely a mossy-er green and the tank top I was wearing is an eggplant-ish purple. Webs is having a tent sale on the 16th and 17th and I'm hoping to score a nice cotton/bamboo blend to make another cardigan with. Good idea?

There is a Harry Potter KAL going on in the Harry Potter Crafters group on Ravelry and I joined blind. This means that I did not bother to see what pattern they decided on for the month of May. They are knitting
socks (Flickr pic of someone's FO). Uhhh....crap? There is an alternate sock pattern that is MUCH simpler than the Fawkes pattern chosen as the main KAL but I don't have house colors so jumping in, head first, is what will happen. I could have started on the 1st, but this weekend was a little crazy and I didn't get a chance to do any knitting. How hard can it really be to knit socks? I've knit lace patterns in the round before and Knucks were my first DPN project, if I recall correctly. I'll try my hardest to finish in May but if now, at least I'll have started...I hope. No swatch has been done and I don't even think I have the right size DPNs. There might be a size 3 or 4 in my stash which should work since I'm a tight knitter... Anyone have DPNs I can borrow? :D

Along with scoring some new yarn for another cardigan, I was thinking of getting some yarn for this
Mirabilis pattern I've been coveting. It's a knit baby blanket and after working on the Pinwheel blanket for Freddy's niece I realized how much I like knitting baby items. Any suggestions on what yarn to get? Something washable, and easy on the wallet, please.

Another project I want to tackle is my Piece of Scrap blanket. I want to work through my stash and crochet a blanket for the house out of the scraps I have. It will be hideous and I will love it. I was thinking of making it just a regular granny square blanket but Karen suggested a ripple. I haven't made a ripple blanket and I think that's the route to go. It might actually turn out pretty neat, you know? I have a lot of Woolease that I would like to use so the blanket will be mostly made out of that but there are also random scraps of various Cascade yarns that I love.

Oh boy, there seems to be a lot on my fibery plate right now. I better go knit (oh how I wish I wasn't at work).

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Archiknist said...

I keep thinking about making that sweater--yours is turning out really well. (I like the sleeves that length too--although I bet the sleeves will turn out fine when you actually do them).

I have size 3 and 4 DPNs--and I keep meaning to come on a Wednesday--will you be there this week?