Saturday, May 23, 2009


I've been in really high spirits lately and can't wait for the summer to get into full swing. Come June, I will be super busy and I cannot wait. I'll be in Philly a couple weekends, will be seeing Jason Mraz in concert 2 times and am trying to score tickets to see Rain, a Beatles tribute band. I'm hoping to hit up Cape Cod with some friends too. Of course, my housework will suffer do to all my weekend trips but I'll do what I have to do.

Speaking of housework, I should be doing it now but I needed to take a break from folding clothes and just vent.

It's no secret that I really dislike my roommate's girlfriend. I'm very vocal about it and he knows how I feel. I'm cordial to her, for Matthew's sake, but wish she never spoke or even came over. Matt must have spoken to her about using an "inside voice" when in the apartment and it's wonderful to be able to sleep and not we woken up by her horrible, wretched voice. What is not wonderful is realizing that she goes through my medicine cabinet. I've noticed it before but just figured I was in a rush that morning and didn't put everything back the way I like it. (As an aside, I'm VERY particular with the way things are in my medicine cabinet and am this way to make getting ready in the morning as easy a task as possible--this includes having my various bottles of expensive body products facing certain directions, in a precise order, and just far enough from the other products that I don't knock shit over when reaching for 1 item.) Yesterday things were moved so completely that there was no denying she was touching my stuff.

Quickly, to go back a month or so...I use Tom's of Maine products for oral care. I like it and it isn't the cheapest stuff around. The mouthwash I use is on the up side of 5 bucks depending on where I buy it. So I bought a bottle a couple months ago and used it a handful of times until one day, when knitting in my hovel, I hear her voice talking about she's having an issue with a tooth of hers and "I'll be right back. I'm gonna go mouthwash." Umm, yeah. Mine is the only mouthwash in the house. Now, she could have brought her own but I can't bring myself to give her the benefit of the doubt as much as I have tried so I stopped using poor Tom since that day. Currently, my mouthwash bottle is half empty. Yup. She's been using it. Matt doesn't use any of my stuff--he thinks I'm a huge weirdo for using all natural products and would rather just stick to his sugary Crest. Gross. Whatever, she can have my mouthwash. I honestly never use mouthwash that often but I like to rinse sometimes before running out of the house just to refresh up, you know? I can no longer do that. She has robbed me. It gets worse...

Back to yesterday. I got up, took a shower, got ready for work and she came over in the morning. She and Matt went into The City for the day and she was in the way. I can't deal with her in the morning so I just ignored her and ran around the house to get all my stuff together and get out the door. After work, I came home and went into the bathroom and nothing was out of place. I'm such a frustrated detective that I really do notice if something of mine was moved a mere centimeter. I did not, however have a need to open my beloved, orderly, medicine cabinet. My friend, Scott, picked me up and we went out to dinner and watched a movie. Fast forward to around 1 in the morning when I sauntered into my house, go to the bathroom and WOAH! What the fuck!? My makeup had been moved around. Brushes and all. I push it back to where it all should have been and open the cabinet to grab my toothbrush and be hygienically sound. The disarray I saw actually pained me. I don't use cheap products by any means. My makeup is Bare Escentuals and we all know how expensive they are. I use jojoba oil and for a small little bottle, I spend around 8 bucks. Tea tree oil solution, 12. Organic face toner, 15. Everything was moved--facing wrong directions, labels facing forward, not equidistant between each other. The works. I was fuming at this point. Who does that? You are taught by 5 years of age that you do not touch what is not yours. How hard is that? It's one thing if she and I were friends but I can't stand the bitch. And even friends ask before they use stuff. I would NEVER go into Noddie's house, and she's the closest girl friend I have, and start using her face stuff. Even when I need to wash my face I ask her what I can use. So I vented to Scott via text, he calmed me down and I went to bed.

Good morning! Go to the bathroom, things are still out of order and it still bothers me. I leave it. I will yell at Matt about it later...I go back to my room and just lounge for a couple hours. She and Matt get up, make breakfast and whatever else they do...They left about an hour ago. I just walked back into my bathroom since I'm getting ready to clean it and BLAMO! My makeup is moved AGAIN! Not only was it moved, my eyelash curler is in a different spot and there is makeup powder on my containers and in the caps of the containers when I opened them. I always wipe away any makeup that gets on the outside of my makeup and I NEVER leave powder in the caps. She used my fuckin' makeup! What do you say to that? To me, that's like going through someone's underwear drawer. I really don't want to have to tell Matt that she isn't welcome here since he does pay half of all the bills for the place but if she can't keep her grubby, sloppy, two-timing hands to herself, she is not welcome here. If he doesn't like it, he will need to move. The blush she used is a limited edition color that came in a kit and I cannot buy again! The mineral veil was on my top shelf and it's now on the bottom shelf, powder everywhere. There was also an eyeshadow that appears to be used.

Here is a tally of the stuff I know she has used:
Mineral Veil--$19
Eyeshadow (also limited edition color)--$13
Flawless Application Brush--$22
Tom's of Maine Mouthwash--$6.19
Kiss My Face Organics Balancing Act Toner--$15.40
Tea Tree Oil Solution (not positive she used it but I'm 98% sure)--$12.45
fx Curl Booster (the only non-natural stuff I use--not sure she used it but it's among the shit that was moved)--$7.39

Anyone doing the math here? It doesn't seem she used my foundation but perhaps because she is so fuckin' white, she thought the mineral veil would suit her instead. I'm debating to add the foundation onto the list. Am I wrong to ask her to replace my makeup and brush? Thank goodness the rest of my makeup was in my bedroom. Does she use my washcloth too when she showers here? My bar of soap? My 8 fuckin' dollar conditioner? Can you tell that I'm pissed?

I don't know what to do...I invite any and all comments.


Firemanshunny said...

This what I would do. Put all the stuff in a bag and make up a bill of what it cost. Tell her that is how much she owes you cause now its all hers. Why would you want to use that make up now? You should say something to her face to face and skip the room mate. If she could just use your stuff with out asking she doesn't respect you. You need to deal with her directly and call her out. Tell your room mate if he wants to hang out with her go to her house. Sometimes you have to stand up for yourself and not worry about hurting other people's feelings.

SouthMaine / Judy said...

I agree with firemshunny!

Put in a bag with a bill. Do it in front of your roommate. Cause I think it is totally GROSS!!!. That is like using someone else's deodorant. Nasty. Maybe since your roommate doesn't wear make-up he doesn't understand just how nasty his girl friend is. Imagine how many other people's make-up she has been using. He has got to be told she might be carrying some weird disease by using other people's shit...scare him. hehehe

Anonymous said...

That is beyond obnoxious. I would definitely say something and yes I would absolutely ask her to pay for the things she used because personally I would not want to use something a stranger used. You don't know what she has or what you can catch from her.

Octopus Knits said...

Oh... my... gosh. I agree with everyone else. This is intolerable, unsanitary, and disrespectful. I'm so sorry. Why would she think it was OK to use any of your stuff!!

weeble wobble said...

I know for myself how hard it is to confront people but you really do feel better once you've done it no matter what th outcome. I practice role playing in front of a mirror what I'm going to say. Good luck hon! miss you!

CurlyBrunette said...

I am a HUGE makeup addict/collector and I feel your pain. I have a collection worth a lot of money (MAC/Urban Decay/Bare Minerals-just to name a few) and if ANYONE touched it without asking I would break their arm. What a disrespectful bitch! Who would do such a thing? Confront her directly and make sure the boyfriend is their as a witness so she cant cry foul. If she touches anything after that then start wrecking her crap and she how she likes it.