Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Help! I need somebody!

I didn't bother to check my gauge on Crusoe..yeah, I started the pattern last night. I figured that since I have the correct size needles (purchased at CT Sheep and Wool--more on that later) and I have the Koigu the pattern calls for, who needs gauge? What's that? But I was wrong. I did the cuff and two pattern repeats and I think it will be a child sized sock. I will wait to frog it until I can ask Rebecca at SnB tomorrow and see if I'm correct. The cuff is pretty stretchy right now but I can barely get it over my toes so I'm fairly certain (and by fairly I mean practically absolutely certain) it won't fit me. I read through the pattern and everything seems to make sense to me but I think I'll need help with picking up stitches. I've only picked up one other time and it was hell for me. I guess it just takes practice, right?

Okay, more later. Laundry is calling. :(

Oh yeah, I'm on Facebook--just shoot me.

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jennsquared said...

Yeah... gauge is only a tiny little important! Maybe i will fit me? :)