Monday, November 24, 2008

Movie Review Monday! No spoilers.

I didn't want to go see Twilight on opening weekend. I said that again and again. I could have seen it with Marla on Saturday but I forgot and was not in the area at the time she was going. Doh! I'm an idiot--sorry again, Marla. When I missed seeing it then, that cemented me not wanting to see it just yet. Maybe I just wasn't ready and fate was telling me to hold out. Plus, I thought it would be an awesome date movie. hehe

Well, I did go on a date last night. Dinner and a movie. I've been on plenty dates with this person before and they are always fun and put me in the best moods ever. Noddie, you rock. And yes, it was a chick date. Who cares?! It still counts as a date. Noddie even bought Twizzlers to share since I drove from dinner to the movie. We're a caring/giving couple. :D Right, so back to the reason I saw Twilight opening weekend. Noddie called me and said she really wanted to go and hell, I wasn't doing anything so we agreed to meet in North Haven (half-way point for us) and get some dinner. Our friend Jeremiah was gonna come out with us too but he was moving people all weekend and couldn't make it. His loss.

The movie was great! I will not spoil it for anyone. I hate when people spoil movies for me. I will say that I'm still unsure if I liked movie Bella. I don't really like Bella to begin with; I think she's a moron. Dude, you have such a good thing and you go ahead and act like an idiot!? Edward is amazing! Jerk! Ugh. Anyway.

So yeah, the acting was not Oscar worthy at all. I knew it wouldn't be. Noddie made a good point and she said that she felt the actors acted the way the book was written. I suppose she's right. They are dumb teenagers (well, can you really consider Edward a teen?) who are falling in love and don't really know what to do with that so they act all disjointed and kind of harsh, in a way. I just felt that movie Bella was too forceful in everything she said. They did change things from the book, and that's expected, but I thought they did a really good job of keeping to the storyline overall and making sure that everything flowed and made sense. Kudos to whoever adapted the book. I don't care to look it up right now...

As for the characters: Again, the jury is still out on Bella. I will need to see the movie again to really decide on her. I thought Edward was just alright. He was better as Cedric in Harry Potter. I thought he really did capture just how pained Edward was but I guess he's just not what I pictured Edward to look like. That's really my only problem with the'll never be what I pictured while reading the book. It's cool though, they didn't ask my opinion so I don't expect it to be what I thought up, you know? Alice rocked, I thought. She was so cute and pixie-like. Perfect. As was Emmett. I thought he should have been a little beefier but I thought the actor was great and so much fun. Rosalie was a bitch and wonderful. "She was a little thicker than I thought she would have been" was Noddie's remarks but she said it was okay and the actress was great and pretty. Jasper was a slight disappointment for me. I can't explain what it was all too well but he was almost a little Johnny Depp as Willy Wonka to me. I don't really know. Maybe he'll grow on me. Esme was so cute, I wanted to hug her. I didn't really have such a clear picture in my head of her so movie Esme won me over. Carlisle: HELLO! Isn't he Jason from General Hospital? I still haven't looked it up, but I'm basically 100% sure he is. Charlie was great too. Totally what I thought he would be! Renee--ehh. That's all I have to say about her. But she didn't really have the hugest part ever so she might be okay.

The other vampires were pretty awesome, I thought. Laurent was Big Love on House so how can I not love him? James is hot and freakin' creepy as all hell. Victoria should have had redder hair, but I liked her otherwise. The kids from Forks High through me off guard completely. I pictured every single one of them completely differently. Oh wait, that's a lie. Jessica was spot on--I wanted to punch her. Jacob was beautiful and marvelous! I think he was perfect.

Ack! Lunch is over.

Okay, overall: Loved the movie and I will definitely own it. They did a great job adapting it and the cast, overall, was just how I wanted them to be. I can't wait for the other movies...they are doing all of them, right?!?

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Anonymous said...

So I haven't been to SnB in a million years BUT if I had, you'd know that I've been sucked into the Twilight series. So bad, I plowed through the first two books in two days. Anyway, I saw the movie this weekend with Conor and I loved it! I don't think I would have understood half of it if I didn't read the books. The whole relationship with Edward and Bella seemed rushed. I thought Edward was pretty hot except for when he got those constipated looks on his while trying to resist Bella. Carlisle's hair cracked me up. I don't understand what they did with Jasper. He also looked constipated except for in the baseball scene. Oh, and I agree about Bella. The book Bella at least showed some gratitude and affection. Movie Bella was too cold or something.

Anyway! Longest comment ever! I'm off to read Eclipse.